OMG, fleas in rice everytime !!!

Posted on 5th April 2011 in MuzzRead

Wondering why these fleas are always in the rice everytime they bought it. The fleas lay the eggs too, they can find the eggs floating when washing the rice. OMG.. what a gross..Some fleas even got cooked together with the rice sometime.


Rice Fleas

Rice Fleas

After trying to buy new packages for few times more, the same issue remains the same. Probably, it could come from the same batch of stock or same place. Or it could be stocked for too long cos it was bought in a really huge bulk while it’s cheap when importing to Singapore, but it takes too long to clear the stock.

And I’m wondering why does this packaging still have so many logos on it!

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2 Responses to “OMG, fleas in rice everytime !!!”

  1. McFarlane says:

    want to know why?
    try refrain from using any wet bowl to take the rice….

    i am sure flea wasnt there by the time u bought it, am i right?

  2. Bie says:

    They are already there since the packaging just opened….
    And i think using wet bowl is never been a good idea and never come into my mind too… there is a small plastic cup meant for measuring and DRY alwez be inside the container…

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