Cerise’s 1st Photo Contest

Posted on 7th May 2013 in Baby

Times has passed. Time really flies that fast.
My baby is 4 months 7 days now. She grows up well and happily.
She is so heavy now and has a lot of demands. I sleep very less nowadays. Soaking my hands into the cold water washing her stuff everyday and most of the time. Stay by her side everyday and looking at her growing day by day. This is what I wanted. For the sake of my cute baby, I has no regret. But, hopefully one day, she will know how hard my effort was to take care of her.

I got a comment from a friend of mine, Niniek. She gave me a link for baby big smile contest. Well, The price is only a small gift but the participation is more meaningful for her childhood experience.
This is the picture that I submitted for the contest. This was taken when we all went to support her Papa for “Hair For Hope 2013″ Charity event. The contest started on 5th May 2013 and will be ended by 11th May 2013. The announcement of the winner will be by 12th May 2013.

Cerise's Big Smile

Cerise’s Big Smile

I was a very hot, humid, and sunny day. It was 1st May 2013. But, she smile and laugh playfully when her Papa play with her. And thanks to uncle Anggi who snapped the pictures for us.
And thanks to Uncle Joon who gave us a great family picture using his new Polaroid camera.

HApPy DaY aHeAd!!!


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First Laughter

Posted on 14th January 2013 in Baby

She wakes up 2-3 times every night. What a night but it’s fun to look at her smiley face and other expressions. Sometimes, she frowns, she cries…. but 12th Jan 2013 2:36 am, she laughed while sleeping. She could be having a wonderful dream. 5:56 am, another laughter.


13th Jan 2013, 6:39 am & 7:05 am, She laughed even louder then before while sleeping and 6:39 am’s the loudest among those 4.

My mom was accompanying me sleeping that day. She asked “is that the baby’s laughter?”. Mom woke up once she heard the laughter while my baby was still sleeping. It’s really amazing to witness such moments in a motherhood life.



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Finally, I heard my baby 1st cry!!

Posted on 9th January 2013 in Baby

30th Dec 2012



At first, the gynae told me that I won’t deliver the baby early as the baby has not engaged yet. I’m ok with that as I want my baby to be born in 2013 as per estimated. 29th Dec 2012 @ about 5 pm plus, me and my hubby went to mall for shopping for about 4 hours and everything was just like before with false alarm, pressures to go to toilet for few times, and a little bit of weight pressure from my baby on my lower abdominal part.


10 pm, we reached home. I took warm shower and washed my hair. We enjoyed some movies as there were a lot of free channel til 2nd Jan 2013. @ Midnight, it started to make me to go to toilet more and more, again and again…hhooorrghh… about 2 am (30th Dec 2012), it started to be more complicated. I could feel a little bit of pain, slowly but sure. My hubz made a call to the hospital to consult via phone. They suggested me to go down for observation. I took some times to observe myself 1st til about 4 am plus, the pain came more frequent and more painful.  We did not sleep at all that night. I told my hubz to bring me to hospital for observation then as I could not take it anymore. I was thinking of bringing my make up along… ^.^


We reached hospital about 5 am. The nurse told me that I was 1.5cm dilated and then “Ooo…I didn’t bring my make up”.. The nurse made me bowel til cleeaarrr!!!

7 am – I was 2cm dilated and epidural was given as per my request, and it’s really a happy-dural. I could sleep for some times.

9 am – My gynae came and told me that I was 4cm dilated and I could have vaginal delivery.

My hubz went home to shower and bring some necessary things, I told him to bring my eyebrow liner along as well. I could not ask for more as he does not know those things. Oh yeah, and a wool thread for tying her leg once she was born.

11 am – I was 7cm dilated.

About 1-2 pm, I was 9cm dilated.

3 pm –  I was told that I was 10cm dilated and ready to push. The nurse asked me to practice pushing before calling the gynae.


I did not even know that the gynae broke my water bag and did a lot of things down there when I was 4cm dilated til my hubz asked the nurse about the water bag.

Practicing the push for about almost 2 hours really made me tired.. Hubz could see my baby’s head with full of hair when the nurse showed him. I took some oxygen to keep my baby’s heart beat stabil. Finally, the nurse called my gynae. She used vacuum, cut down there, and 2 nurses helped on pushing my tummy on the right and left side… It was soooo painful even it was with epidural. And… finally, I heard my baby’s 1st cry!!! And I cried too, It was so painful (on my tummy). I was so excited to see my baby but the nurse was cleaning her and taking care of her before giving her to me. I felt everything took so long when my baby was still not on my hands yet.


But soon, I got her!! yay!!… I was pushed to my ward and enjoyed my time with my baby, I did not feel I was in a hospital. I feel home everywhere as long as I’m with my baby.

Hubz stay with me that night in the hospital. I could not sleep in the night. I made a call to the nurse and ask her to bring my baby to my room even she is sleeping. Yay!! my baby was in my room in awhile!!


Staying 2 nights in the hospital and ready to go home… What an experience.

Day by day passed…. A lot of smiles and cries from the baby in the middle of the night, but I did not feel tired at all.


4th Jan 2013 - 1st visit to the pediatrician, The PD said her neck is so strong!! yay!! strong lady-to-be.

6th Jan 2013 – Her umbilical cord dropped!! She is getting bigger and bigger!! ^.^


I’m still struggling with breast milk now but I top it up with formula until I could be a milk factory!!


This is the happiest moment for moms to steal a baby kiss while she’s sleeping!!



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